Feb 25th to
March 25th, 2019

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Lighthouse Labs presents CanUCode

What is CanUCode?

Canadian Universities Code Competition was started by Lighthouse Labs to promote digital literacy. CanUCode is based on an introductory coding curriculum geared towards creating a fun, accessible and supportive learn-to-code experience in the community. Digital learning is important and still making its way into education.

Our goal is to run a program such as CanUCode in conjunction with all the great information technology studies at universities and colleges across Canada to set students up for success after graduation. The success of the CanUCode program depends solely on the collaboration and innovation of the Code Mentors and Code Learners who participate.


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Thousands of students and alumni are learning to code for free across Canada!

How to Participate

Signing up is simple: register either as a Code Mentor (who teaches Code Learners how to code) or a Code Learner.


  • Click here to start your own team!
  • Complete your Code Mentor Training Module
  • Rally your friends. Tell your student group(s). Call upon your classmates. Build your team of Code Learners and other Code Mentors for the Feb. 25 launch.
  • Plan your delivery: choose to teach your class online or in-person. We’ve provided some helpful tips in the Code Mentor Training Module

As a student of a computer science or engineering background, you will have the opportunity to practice mentorship with a cross functional team, a skill that can only be taught through doing and which directly contributes positively to your soft skills and on-the-job experience.


  • Find a Code Mentor and join their team!
  • Invite others to join your team.
  • Level up your coding skills by learning online, in-person or through a single 10-hour workshop, or in whatever way your group decides.
  • Complete the 10 Hour Learning Module to be eligible for the CanUCode Certificate.

As a student of a business, political science or other non-technical program, CanUCode presents a great, fun and free opportunity to level up your skills and get hands-on experience working with a cross functional team.

Why CanUCode?

Whether you’re a master of code or a complete beginner, you’ll be gaining valuable skills through CanUCode, whether that’s learning HTML & CSS, through mentoring, or by adding useful and tangible skills to your resume. We’re adding some extra motivation for you by making CanUCode a nationwide competition with additional prizes rewarding creativity, hard work and passion.

  • Broaden your skill set and add technical tools to your resume
  • Earn hands-on and meaningful experience mentoring others and show a willingness to expand your knowledge
  • Make great first impressions when job searching by showing you know how to code and can effectively work in a team
  • Win prizes 🏆 and compete against 1,000s of students and alumni across Canada
  • Grow your network
  • Create something of your own and from scratch in 10 hours
  • Learn the different languages of the web
  • 📑 Get templates and resources for web development
  • Learn how to excel and thrive in a cross-functional team

key dates

January 2019

Key dates open mentors

CanUCode opens to Code Mentors for signup and onboarding.

  • Code Mentors can now register their own team.
  • Code Mentors have access to the Code Mentor Training Module which must be completed prior to for teaching the CanUCode curriculum.
  • Code Mentors can view the 10 Hour CanUCode Learning Module and plan how to deliver the content, whether via online or in-person and how many sessions.

Jan 2019 - Feb 25, 2019

Key dates open learners

Code Learners come onboard.

  • Code Mentors begin onboarding their Code Learners to their team. Share your custom team URL!
  • Code Learners help organize promotion of their team.

Feb 25, 2019 - March 25, 2019

Key dates competition begins

Competition Begins!

  • You and your team have up until March 25th to complete the 10 Hour Learning Module.
  • Meet once a week or one weekend, the choice is yours.
  • Get creative - there’s a prize for Most Innovative Delivery 😉

About Lighthouse Labs

Lighthouse Labs is an immersive, modern approach to teaching web and mobile software development. With a hands on curriculum built by a community of industry experts, the program focuses on transforming passionate people into agile programmers. Lighthouse Labs maintains unprecedented employment rates, and has graduated over 1500 students into amazing careers as developers.