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What is CanUCode?

Canadian Universities Code Competition was started by Lighthouse Labs to promote digital literacy. CanUCode is based on an introductory coding curriculum geared towards creating a fun, accessible and supportive learn-to-code experience in the community. Digital learning is important and still making its way into education.

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  • 10 Hours of learning commitment
    • HTML Essentials
    • CSS Essentials
    • Stretch: Responsive Web Design
    • Final Project: Building your own web page
  • Curriculum can be taught in-person or online by Code Mentors
  • Code curriculum can be seen after Feb 25th in your dashboard here
  • Mentoring is available when you log in, through the built-in chat and forum or in-person coaching
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As an added bonus, once you finish the curriculum, either as a Code Learner or Code Mentor, you’ll receive a certificate of completion! Show it off with pride on LinkedIn, social media, or print it out to decal your wall.

  • CanUCode Certificate - Code Mentor
    • Must complete the 1 Hour Code Mentor Training Module
  • CanUCode Certificate - Code Learner
    • Must complete the full 10 Hour Code Curriculum
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We at Lighthouse Labs are here to make your CanUCode experience unforgettable! Onboard your team by Feb. 25 to participate in the competition.

Plus, when your team hits certain sizes, we’ll reward you with the following swag!

  • A team of 30 (gold): 20 T-shirts, 10 stickers, 5 Larry ducks, 2 posters.
  • A team of 20 (silver): 10 T-shirts, 10 stickers, 5 Larry ducks, 2 posters.
  • A team of 10 (bronze): 5 T-shirts, 5 stickers, 2 posters.
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